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Cube Craft is a very fun server with many things going on all the time such as;
- Survival games
- Spleef + splegg
- Hide and seek
- Survival
- Parkour
- Kit pvp
- Skyblock
And much more
I really hope you can find the time to join this amazing server
thanks rubik - server owner



koolex [08/31/13 at 10:00 PM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Relatively good server and low lag. Games server had few game slots but has had many glitches and in 'hide and seek' hiders the boxes lag. Skyblocks server is fairly decent contains mobs & animals but there are still bugs and worst of all lots of griefer's and lots of players complaining about other players stealing. Kit-PVP is very one sided towards Donators having highly superior weapons whereas it would be more challenging for player could earn kits (for playing and killing players) for a few days.

The admins and moderators are not very player friendly and have their own view of justice e.g. "Georgia_Awesome"(moderator) being racist towards other players for saying they CANNOT speak in their own native language. There are NO clear rules set out and punishment is dealt even though there are no rules dictating what you cannot and can do.
The basic rule for a Server is to set Guidelines and examples to players and encourage a friendly community which will encourage other players.