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MCInfected is a zombie survival server inspired by mw3 infected mode. This unique minecraft experience is all handled by plugins custom coded by me, which you will not find on any other servers.

The rules of MCInfected is simple and easy just like mw3 infected mode. If you are a human, avoid zombies and survive for 3 minutes with the others to win the game. If you are a zombie, simply infect all humans to win the game. There are also shops which sell powerups and ranks to assist you ( more details in game)

Player commands
/vote - Vote for a map
/shop - view items in shop
/shop buy - buy items in shop
/stats - view your money(cookies), ranks, kills and deaths



BrandonGordon [03/23/13 at 4:59 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 3
This server is amazing.
Not only does it provide hours of fun, it's also very professional.
The plugins and set-up are amazing.

I genuinely recommend this server to anybody who is bored of survival Minecraft, and looking for an experience that will see you never looking at Minecraft the same way ever again!

Well done to the server owner. I envy you!
NyanCat2coo1 [07/10/13 at 5:25 AM] [Reply]Rating: 3/5 | 0
I think that this is a very good server but their are some issues.I just started and im a noob. My first game i saw a enderman and it said i must donate. I was wondering why the creator gave us only one mob to play as in zombies unless you donated 10 DOLLARS! I also get alot of complaints that you the creator made the sharpness on the sword to powerful. Those are my thoughts about the server.
DOOMSDAY__ [03/11/14 at 1:39 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
Really enjoy this server, I'm almost on level 15 and it's still a ton of fun! Its very well made there are always enough people online to play a game. The only thing it is lacking is a chat filter to block swearing. I've had to /ignore lots of people, but over all its a really fun server and well worth playing on! :)