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The greatest thing about this server is that everyone is nice and helpful to each other. In a usual survival server, everyone is constantly in competition. They will fight each other, steal from each other, and inhibit each other from being successful.
On ModCraft, you can expect to be welcomed into the community. The majority of our players will welcome you into their home in an instant. They might give you wood, stone tools, and a bed purely out of kindness. We are "One of the nicest servers out there."

My server ip is special, I made it so instead of typing in a typical number, just type
No :22565 necessary!
It really works!

Currently featuring a beautiful waterfall filled map with mountain ranges as far as the eye can see.

This server has limited itself to only 5 awesome plugins:
-lock chests with a stick
-set your home
-keep your stuff when you die
-a well thought out chat system
-and a great banning system

However, we also have special surprises for those great users out there...
If we decide to make you an admin, you may get invisibility, spawning, teleportation, and more...