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Welcome to EternalDreams, you're best choice in survival server that we know of! So please, Join us Now!

Server IP:
Teamspeak: Currently none
Website: Currently None

To join us just connect to the IP Address listed above, our super advanced connection robots will ensure that there are almost no complications upon your arrival. When you do join you’ll be but a lowly guest; But have no fear because membership is easy to get! Just keep an eye out for our patented “Secret sign” It knows the deal and should help you on getting promoted.

Some general rules of conduct:

First we have a zero tolerance for griefing, we WILL find you and you will be removed. Second, Client mods are strictly prohibited. Yeah, no xray.

We have various plugins that will make your survival a tad bit easier though. But please, do not ask our admins to provide supplies, this IS Survival, put in the work and you’ll do great. That being said, if you DO want a fast track to get items besides boring old mining, we do have donation options. Check out our website for more information.

We have a lot to offer:
-Awesome Events
-Thriving Economy
-Survival at it's best
-Keep Your Inventory When You Die
-Spleef Games
-PvP Arena
-Great atmosphere
-Excellent Staff
-Friendly Community
-24/7 Play
-And a lot more!...

Stop by and check us out!