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Hardcore PvP


Welcome to the CarnageChaos-PVP Minecraft PVP Community.
Read on below for more information on our server, or connect to and get fighting right away!


We only have 1 rule on our PvP Server and that is:



- Safe, simple spawn made for easy navigation

- Warps save time and simply warp to places and destinations

- Combat log prevention, fuck those combat loggers

- Donator Accounts, help us run the server, leave a donation for ranks and items!

- Economy and shops! we provide a whole economy system with shops and more.

- Advanced raiding use the advantage of your commands and powers to raid and take control

- Factions, create a faction, protect your land and start a village!

*About us*

CarnageChaos is a fully dedicated Minecraft PvP community! We provide the best servers, with the best plug-ins and staff!
You can find all necessary information on our website, at the top navigation, be sure to comment and get active on our others servers and our [NEW] forums!

24/7 staff means quick resolution to any gameplay/plugin related issues
Our network is fast; less than 60ms from the farthest major Internet peering hub of the United States

Whether your a new or old player, our servers and plug-ins will handle your needs and requests with ease.