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Does battle enthrall you?
Do you feel close to your family, and desire to ruin the lives (and homes) of your enemies?
Are you excited to play a faction server which is like no other?
Then come and join us as we fight for our faction!

These are the rules, which you should follow!
[1] - Griefing/Stealing is all allowed, be warned!
[2] - Don't use any hacks/mods which give you an advantage over other players
[3] - Don't complain if you get killed and/or are stolen from.
[4] - Abusing powers is not allowed!
[5] - TNT and fire spread are all enabled!

Plugins include..

- Factions
- WorldEdit
- Essentials
- WorldGuard

The server allows up to 12 players on at once, so it feels nice and cosy!

The ranks are..

- Player
- Knight (Donator)
- Mod
- Admin
- Owner

For donating you get..

.. /kit donor which includes iron leggings, boots and helmet with a enchanted diamond chestplate, plus a sword, to get you ready for battle!
.. You get to type in color.
.. a free nickname of your choice.
.. and a couple extra perks (:

Q&A and stuff.

Q: Hey, so you don't care at all if I grief?
A: Look, we're not telling you to do it, it's up to you.

Q: I'm from Planet Minecraft, can I have op?
A: ha, funny aren't you?

Q: What is so different to your server than others?
A: We're a little server, with around 4-5 users on at once, so think of it as a single player world, but with friends and other people, k?

We takes suggestions and comments and we ask you when we make even the simplest of changes.
We also do weekly challenges to reward players who play on the server regularly.