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Lockdown Prison is a minecraft prison server for the rest of us. We try to be differenent from most other Prison servers because are a completely different prison. We DO NOT run in a block format. We have different tiers that you will unlock on your way up the ladder. We have live events, challenges, PVP, Mob Arena, Sports (soon to come), and TONS of other fun things for you to do plus all of what you'd come to expect from a prison server, but done the right way. Our Specs? Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz), 16 gigs of RAM and 150 slots to handle whatever you can throw at us. We are a clans server with hours of gameplay, and tons of things for you to experience. We are a mature server, so if you are sensitive to less-than-polite language and adult situations, you might shy away.


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