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Welcome to the Minecraft PVP Community. Our server offers a place for Minecraft PVP enthusiasts to wreak mayhem and destruction wherever they can. Read on below for more information on our server, or point your minecraft client to now to get fighting!

We only have 1 rule on our server: No Hacking! This means that client mods that give you an advantage over other player are not allowed. So, no flying, no speedhacking, no xray, etc. We do actively detect these hacks (including xray!) and ban players who use them.

- Tournaments: Our server hosts 3 different types of tournaments: Solo, Team, and Capture the Flag
- Safe Spawn: The spawn area is protected and PvP is off there.
- Warps: Players are limited to 10 warps, plus a /home.
- Combat Log Prevention: Players are not able to attack for 10 seconds after logging in.
- Death Kick
- Forums:
- Map Border: You cannot walk past 10k blocks away from spawn
- VIP&MVP Accounts: Players with VIP and MVP accounts are given special perks

Visit the website for more info at