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An amazing server created with the community and compassion in mind.

**Running 1.8**

Flight is available to all just by putting on a Gold Chestplate.

This Server has something for everyone. Wether you like to Grief and PvP, calmly build a home, or construct great creations with creative
mode, there is something for you to do.

The server moderators and administrators are kind, friendly, and always willing to help no matter how small your issue is. Community first is how we run things.

There are Several Worlds on this server: Build, Towny, Creative, PvP, and Parkour.

We have many of the most popular plugins around,
as well as some amazing custom plugins that you won't find anywhere else, including XP Level Banks, and exciting, original mini games!

So, join us!
You will find exactly what it means to be part of something epic.

MineCraft Server IP:

NOTICE: We do NOT give players staff for voting. That comment below is from a disgruntled player impersonating staff (Harley429). Their statement is unwarrented and their name is fake. To become staff, you have to contribute to the community and spend a considerable amount of time with us on the server.



Benatat12 [12/05/12 at 1:51 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 8
This server is simply fantastic. With it's many worlds, including pvp, creative, and regular survival there is something there for everyone. It has many custom plugins which greatly increase the fun and the uniqueness. It has great, non abusive, friendly admins and mods, who are all mature. The server is rarely down and is rarely laggy. If you're looking for a good time, and want to make some friends, this is the server for you.
BeastlyWolf34 [12/27/12 at 10:25 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
This server is one of the best out there. Most servers have such a large number of players that it can get hard to find a place to settle down and hang out with friends or to get the necessary kindness from staff and other players. CobbleForest passes their test with flying colors. "Community First" isn't just a motto. The staff takes it to heart. Rarely will you find a less friendly and less fun server than CobbleForest. I highly suggest joining us!
4n0nym0us [06/11/13 at 4:24 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 2
This server is awful, and probably the worst I have ever played on. None of the mods/staff or higher seem to care about regular players. They try to destroy others to make themselves ontop. And the people who have donated think they are better than the people that just started, trolling them, hating on them etc. Oh and the people who have reviewed this server are high ranked within the server and only posting to make it seem like people like the server. STAY AWAY FROM COBBLEFOREST!
diamondminer77 [06/05/13 at 11:14 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This server is the best!!! If you're looking for a server with awesome plugins and an amazing community, this is for you!!! Amazing staff and players. If you like playing Minecraft you must try this server out, or you haven't even played yet! This server is one that you have to join yourself to experience the epic. Take my word, if you get into this server YOU WILL NO LEAVE!!!
BlackStar115 [10/19/13 at 8:26 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This server is absolutely amazing. The worlds are stunning and there are plenty to choose from; giving alittle bit of everything to the player base. Speaking of which, the community is truly one of a kind. The server is filled with helpful players that are fun to talk to and share an experience with. The staff are very helpful and take the time to make sure you have everything you need. Although they can be a bit immature once in awhile. But it just adds to the experience lol. Overall CobbleForest is definitely an amazing server to check out!
acmc [05/07/13 at 12:39 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This server is top notch. It has a great group of staff and they execute the plugins and rules perfectly. There is never a dispute whether a staff member is corrupt because they have never had one! They have plenty of fun activities to do. Even if you do not want to be raided and do pvp you can play in their no pvp world or their creative world!
Harley429 [09/02/13 at 3:54 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
I dont really know what to say here, except the fact that the server really sucks. I hate it. They are so desperate for votes that they give staff ranks for it. Not many of the voters actually like the server, they just want to be staff. I am Currently staff but I am tired of it. No one on is really mature so I have to deal with a bunch of little kids all the time.
MCReview [09/02/13 at 4:13 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
I agree completely with 4n0n0mys. The server isnt that good, and overall I dont like it. The only thing going for them that is good is that you can fly with a gold chestplate. The server is very laggy and I would recomend anyone who doesnt have an expensive computer to not come here just for lag perposes. However, not many people are mature and lots of people ask for staff.
Monkeyman7890 [09/02/13 at 4:39 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
CobbleForest is a great server. It has staff that are frequently on and always helping out. It has a friendly community. It has cool custom plugins. Players are always treated fairly by staff and when in trouble have a chance to appeal. Cobble Forest has multiple worlds so weather your a PVP, Build, creative, or parkour type of player there is a opportunity for you on this server.
rbnharper [04/08/14 at 8:00 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
I love the server a lot it was the first server I ever played on and on 4/7/2014 I got banned for spam and after I logged off of minecraft it kept coming back on and it kept logging me on to cobbleforest plz unban me I vote a lot when im on plz best server ever!!!!!!!!!!!