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WEBSITE ADDRESS: Skyblock Minecraft -

1 year. 150,000 players. 75,000 islands.
What are you waiting for? Join in the fun!

SkyBlock server with many additional features:

- Dedicated powerful server, ran 24 x 7 by professional, mature and experienced admins. Current uptime for server is 100%.

- Automatic island protection; you get a 100 x 100 x 256 block only you and the friends can build in. Custom protections from animals to water, lava and more to make your experience very safe.

- Working economy

- NO admin spawned items or mobs, NO overpowered rewards

- Custom shops; Make your own shop. Hundreds of player ran shops for you to visit and buy from.

- Custom warps

- Many custom scripts that make your experience more fun

- TNT Run minigames running all the time

- Addictive Mob Arenas, where you can win great rewards. If you got what it takes to survive

- Free for all PvP events running every 15 minutes

- Unique Plugin - NetherUltimate: Battle ender dragons and win lots of cash

- LAG FREE server

- No whitelist, you can start playing as soon as you join!

Many more will be added soon.

Tutorials, shops and secure trading booths are at /spawn.

The rules are mostly common sense, with a strong emphasis to NO HACKING. For more details, type /rules in-game.

We aim to provide an authentic and tough survival experience, so don't expect a shower of items or pampering from admins. With this being said we are there to help you if you find any bugs or have any gameplay questions. See you in

For more details visit our website:
WEBSITE ADDRESS: Skyblock Minecraft -