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Welcome to Eternal. Being one of the very few proper RP servers, we offer a great PvP experience as well as many features, characters and locations on the RP side of things.

- A Simple Experience
We believe that it's all about the game. You shouldn't be learning commands and reading through huge lists of plugins when you could be spending that time playing. As such, we keep our plugin list simple and we only use a few plugins - such as iConomy. We have a decent amount of game-enhancing plugins as well, ones that don't need commands to work - they just make your experience better. A good example is the bookshelves. Right click one next time you're online.

- Treasure and Glory
Exploring in Minecraft is fun, but we make it even better on Eternal. Not only can you find Testificate villages and desert temples, but also a multitude of secrets. Be it a ruined cottage with clues to a treasure or a huge booby-trapped tomb containing an army of undead, you'll find tons of things scattered throughout the land.

- A True RP Experience
Quests and assignments are available from admins from time to time, which will let you prove your worth - as well as get a bit of gold on the side. These range from assassination contracts to expeditions into lost tombs, and are guaranteed to include lots of happy times and stabbing.

- A Proper Library System
With the new books in place, writing is really fun. But griefing books is also very easy. If you write a story, journal or series of books, you can simply ask an admin to publish it. The book will be copied, you'll receive as many copies as you want, and then more will be placed in the libraries around the world. If people decide to purchase your book, you'll also receive the proceeds from it.

So, come join us. Quote the line "You can dance if you want to" for a free combat axe.