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SeverePvP is a community which thrives from the Hardcore factions we have here. SeverePvP is a servers with many fun features for everybody. We will not only listen to the players feedback ideas or other things. But we also highly consider them, (Depending on the idea)

Main Plugins
The main plugins here on SeverePvP are:
Factions - The main part of the server which includes Chest, Furnace, Brewing Stands, Enchanting Tables accessible in enemy territory.
mcMMO - RPG aspect of the server. Includes nothing Over-Powered. Everything is fair.
Auction - Allows you to sell your items if they aren't able to be sold at the shop or a player shop.
Mob Arena - Mob Arena is purely there for your fun! As of now we only have one arena, But plan to have a lot more in the future. Completely unique.
Chest Shop - Player Chest shops. Increases the amount of Player to Player economy
Ranks - We support an Auto Ranking feature. Instead of just ranking up by donating, You can get ranked up by time!
No hacks of any sort. We have two exceptions though; Mini-Map mod and Optifine.
No spamming or advertising.
Use Common Sense: This rule has a lot of 'Sub-Rules' and they will be listed here. We're not stupid. We know you are not in Creative or from Planet Minecraft to review the server. We don't give any free items out or provide any players with an unfair advantadge. No, You can not have any free ranks or be OP. Also you can't be staff unless you've been a dedicated player and has applied. Also don't fake a donation.
Respect Others. Treat others how you would like to be treated; Nobody wants to be treated poorly here.



facundo [07/25/13 at 10:45 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
este servidor es muy bueno y como mi compañera tiene online me puse celoso y quería jugar online y no podía asta que encontre un server y me gusto FirstCraft y que tenia muchos entonces averigue y pude encontrar esta paguina