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Dear Players,
I would like to thank you all for playing & having a good time on ColaCraft! It means the world to me to have players on & active at nearly every moment of the day- it is wonderful. I would just like to ask that you do spread the word of my server, as more players = better PVP = better McMMO payout from PVP = good times. . Perhaps we could start by something small, like shooting a message to your friend on Skype saying that this server is really cool.

If you don't think the server is really cool... well.. uhm... okay. .

Now, let me tell you why the server has failed before & what I have done to fix that...

- Economy
We have almost removed grinding (easily getting money) from the server, by making Mob Spawners cost 1,000,000 Caps to purchase from the market.We have upped the price of diamonds to 1,000 Caps per diamond, to reduce noobs having diamonds & to promote the selling of diamonds for easy cash.

You no longer spawn with OP items to PVP with, you actually have a chance to run off & gain items. Diamonds are rare, limiting the amount of diamond tools / armor / weapons used in PVP. We've added Vampirism (You lose 20% of your McMMO when you die in PVP, you gain 20% of your opponents McMMO when you kill them.) to keep the people who are good at PVP in PVP, & the people who are bad at PVP in their bases.

- Mobs
As many of you may know, mobs aren't exactly easy to kill on ColaCraft. I've set the mob difficulty to hard meaning that there will be more mobs & they will be harder to kill. Upon entering the nether, or any other dimension, you will be almost immediately ambushed with attacks(Zombie Pigmen or Enderman). This means that you will no longer be able to just enter The Nether or The End to gather your precious items, you will need to get past an angry mob of mobs.