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* **Server** *: ScribbleCraft
* **Website** *: [ScribbleCraft.gspsites.com](Scribblecraft.gspsites.com)
* **Server Address/IP** *:
* **Gameplay Types** *: Survival Multi-Player, Player versus Player, Player versus Enemy
* **Description** *: ScribbleCraft is a Survival/PvP server. We strive to give you an all around fun time, whether that be the PvP, Survival, MobArena, or just the community in general. You can donate for awesome perks, such as MagicCarpet, a free protection, and much more! Raiding is allowed but greifing is not. We have many PvP Arenas and our community is growing very fast! Welcome to ScribbleCraft!
* **Rules** *: Rules are listed on the server with /rules and are even explained in detail at a certain, accessible location:
*Obey the admins at ALL times.*
*No Log PvPing or PvPing on MC.*
*No Advertising any other Minecraft Servers=Auto Ban*
*No racism or intentionally abusing words.
*No griefing, but raiding is allowed.
*No abuse of /sethome and/or excessive killing, outside of self-defense or in an arena.
*No mods of any kind except Optifine.
*No scamming of any kind to any player.
> To see a full list of rules go the spawn and click the warp rules sign.
* **Owners/Admins/Moderators** *: Head-Operator: Tubs110
Admins: DrRainbowz, DrSparklez, DrSunshinez
SuperModerator: Sir_GleeepGlopp
Moderators: fire5432999