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Server Info:


IP: RP.DHRPG.com:25565

Server Info:
Upon first login, you will spawn in the area of Ridguard, the newbie spawn city. You must work your way back through the hordes to reach Incidius, The main quest capital of Dragonheart You should first /warp SN and choose a supernatural then /warp Heroes and master peasant and apprentice...

Processor: Opteron 6274
Ram: 64 GB DDR3 Ram
Entire Server on SSD 6GB/S

World - Zombie Apocalypse
Nether - PVP World

Raiding is allowed.
No Griefing
Don't ask for changes in time or weather
Don't ask can I be an admin? Apply.
Minimap is allowed and Spout is recommended.
No Client HACKS
No Flying
No Xraying
No Orefinders
No Cavefinders
No Mobfinders
Obey everyone of higher rank than you.

Absolutely NO Griefing. Build in a town. To create a town, type /town new. To add someone to your town type /town add


Donator $10 - Color name, Fly mod, 1000 credit, box of tools.

Superdonator $20 - everything before + compass tp, gm 1 or 0, 5k credit

Ultradonator $35 - everything before + 1 max level, Unlimited npc's, 10k credits.

[VIP] 40$ - everything before + 30 help commands mobdisguise, 20k credit.

[Elite] 60$ - Gold text, custom rank thar does not imply staff, 50k credits

[Zeus] 100$ - Mobrider, Unlim NPC, Wizard NPC, custom class, statue of you built at spawn.

Plugins Pex, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, mmSupernaturals, VoxelSniper, Buycraft, Vault, Multiverse-Core, AntiRelog, NeverBreak, WorldGuard, InfiniteHunger, dynmap, HeroChat, LazyRoad, StopTalkingAutoBan, iConomy, CraftBook/Falsebook, Heroes,Jobs,Towny, BetterShop, LWC, Monster Apocalypse, PreciousStones, NoLagg,

Donate $5 to get unbanned.