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Welcome to Cosmicraft, where you can venture the cosmos in a TARDIS!

This server's timeline is separate from the Doctor's. The Doctor is off on his own doing whatever. This takes place when Gallifrey was still flourishing and untainted by war.

When you first join you will be a human. There was an accident on Gallifrey when a crowd of people were sucked into the Time Vortex. The Timelords immediately performed an Emergency Temporal Shift and all of them went through a widespread chameleon arch effect, becoming human and losing first person memory of your timeline. The high council of Gallifrey has decided that they are unable to return due to their memory loss and also due to the fact that they don't know their location. They were ejected into some sort of alternate universe that was previously uninhabited by intelligent life, other than the godlike beings that seemed to be able to manipulate the environment to their own liking... The rest remains unknown to the high council.

You must send a message to Gallifrey and they will send a TARDIS to you if you create a TARDIS beacon, which will display your current time-space coordinates to the high council, enabling them to supply you with transport.

On Cosmicraft, you can:

- Choose to travel with another Timelord.
- Regain your Gallifreyan biology and be allowed to create a TARDIS of your very own.
- Customize your TARDIS and grow as many rooms as you want.
- Travel to different points in time and space such as Ancient Rome, or even Mars!
- Create various contraptions and tools not found in vanilla Minecraft.

For more information and pictures visit the PMC post:
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