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BunnyXD Minecraft Server 24/7 Online

Now running on 1.4.5

Our server is lag free, with a maximum of 100 players slots.
We have alot of Plugins that will increase your gaming experience
and that will keep the game legit.

Our staff team is friendly and will always support any
problem you may encounter.

We currently have 6 worlds :
Towny World (main world)
Resources World (a world for materials gathering)
Nether World (show thouse blazes whos the boss)
End World (For Donators only to fight the end dragon and enderman)
Event World
Hunger games / pvp / quests and so on
Creative World
This world as you can clearly see creative so anyone that donate will get plots to build on (non donators can only watch)

We are running a dedicated server machine with 300mbps upload speed
The whole server is running on a ramdisk to keep the server running at maximum speed with as less lag as possible.

Our Server was started at January 4 2011.

Our Website is :