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IP :

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Thoughts of server:"
To get $300 ingame money

Kit MCTDM is a jump and go PvP server. To get started, type ‘/kit pvp’ and you’re set. This gives you full iron armour and a diamond sword. From here just jump out of spawn and start killing everyone! When you die, simply type ‘/kit pvp’ again and you’re away again. But wait, you’ll need soup to survive, use the market stands to buy bonuses to help you in your quest! Soup is instantly consumed to heal 3 ½ hearts so there is no need to wait while you eat!
How to play
Once you’re in type “/kit pvp” to gain access to the basic kit. This wields the following, full iron armour and a diamond sword.
Now head to the market stands and purchase your 30 bowls of soup, and if you want any bonus items with your money you get from killing players such as bows, strength potions, splash pots of harming II, arrows and bottle of experience.
Now head to the enchanting tables and enchant if you wish.
Jump down from spawn and start your PvP adventure. Each person you kill gives you $50 on the servers economy.
What does donating give you? There is multiple donating choices, you can change the colour of your name and chat, purchase a custom prefix, or buy economy money. Why not include better kits for the donators? Improved kits will be given to these donators. These kits can include items with basic enchantments, potions, tools and more!
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