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VenomousPVP is a Faction PvP server with a fantastic community of staff and players! It features all the core plugins required to run a Faction PvP server however it has a fantastic range of custom created plugins just for the server creating the ultimate and unique PvP experience!

VenomousPVP’s Features:

Factions – The server incorporates the Factions plugin which all users can enjoy

Player Markets – We run off a player driven economy which enables players to rent their own plot and buy and sell items with each other

McMMO – Although the server uses McMMO we have completely recreated it so you will not have your experience ruined by over powered users

KitPVP – We offer a KitPVP world on the server were people train and put their combat skills to the test without losing any items!

Auctions – If you can’t afford a shop plot why not market something off by auction!

Player Stats – Interested in finding out your Kill Death Ratio? Not a problem type /stats ingame!

Parkour – We offer a wonderful selection of unique parkour tracks which you can use to your hearts content

Combat Logging – Sick of people logging out during combat, not a problem with our combat logging protection!

Lag – No such thing!




abcd123 [02/11/13 at 7:05 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
This is a great server with plenty to do,it obvious that its a well known server and well known servers are my favourite. I have not been playing long but its a very fun server,very recommended.

9/10 rating from me,keep it going :)