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This is the first/original Touhou-Themed Minecraft server founded in 2010! Being a ⑨ will get you banned.

The Touhou server is based around the Touhou Project. Go Google it if you want to know more about it.

The server had 19 different maps with many different gamemodes. There is easy survival, normal survival, hardcore survival, factions, creative, and more!

==The server runs off an SSD, has 64GB of ram, and running off a very powerful 6 core CPU. There is also over 100 plugins running on the server.===

------Here are some links you should click-----

- Post whatever here. If you were banned or want to report abusive players, post it on the forums.

● Public Mumble: Port: 64738

● Steam:
- All the koolkids join the Steam group. A lot of the announcements are posted on Steam.

● Dynmap:
- This is the map of the server.

●Resource Pack:
- The Touhou Resource Pack, wow.