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Hello everyone and welcome to the Redstone Server.

We are a group of people who have been playing Minecraft on a small private server for a long time and eventually decided to go public. Currently, we are hosting two servers:

1. Creative (redstone) server is a place for creative minds and redstone professionals. Rather than having a boring flat grassy map, we provide a full 1.1 style world where your buildings will fit in organically. We also provide a dedicated redstone world with claimable 128x128 flat plots.

Other bonuses? Griefing protection, full world backups every 4 hours, a whopping 4 GB of dedicated server RAM, a dynamic map that updates in real-time, and much more!

2. The SMP server is a place for gamers remaining true to the spirit of Minecraft. A place with added sense of challenge, where every building reflects the amount of effort put into it.

Started in a fresh 1.2-styled world with jungle biomes, economy, user-maintainable shops, it's not any bit less fun than creative!

Please visit our website to learn about our servers and community. See you in game!