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Addiction Craft Is NOW LIVE

No Whitelisting

AddictionCraft is a [1.4.5] Factions server. Some of what makes us different then other servers is we are a bit more hardcore.

When i say hardcore I mean obisidan can be destroyed with tnt.
Water does not protect your base from tnt. Tnt works underwater.
All Types of spawners are obtainable. Not only by donators.
Spawners are mineable.
You can only see a faction on /f map only if you enemy them or if you are ally.
You can Only Buy Items from the adminshop. You cannot sell items. But everyone who gets whitelsted now
recieves a free spawn shop.which they can buy and sell from other players.
You earn in-game money and items for voteing online. You can earn 1000 in game money and 20 diamonds a day for voteing.
And if you wanna know the value of 1000 in-game money ill compare it to a buyable spawner.
A enderman spawner well sell at the spawn shop for 125,000 Now dont think you'll have to vote 125 times befor you get a spawner. You can make money other ways aswell. You can find out in-game.
Creepers and Tnt Also when used on a monster spawner we'll drop the monster spawner. And it is obtainable in the shape of a monster egg.

I appricate any pre-donations during the whitelisting week. And they we'll be doubled what i mean by doubled is a 25 dollar donation we'll become a 50 dollar donation only for that first week of whitelisting.

We are on a sponsored server. Which is 6 gb's of ram And 250 Slots. So there is lots of room for your friends and we have the ability to upgrade to a whopping 64 Gbs ram! so please consider our ponential to be very high.