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Thank you for considering playing AnarchyCraft. We operate a FACTIONS and PVP oriented server with very few rules. Faction Warfare is common on this server and it is encouraged for new players to band together and create new factions. Admins are very good at keeping the server running well, and we only really investigate hacking if we see it in front of us or there is complaints about the hacking from other people. Our server runs the MCMMO Plugin which allows a different edge to be added to the combat aspect of our server. We have an ingame ECONOMY that gives Gold Ingots a higher value for gameplay than just for a few random recipes. Faction gameplay is brutal and griefing is acceptable, you play this server to win, not to keep the peace. On AnarchyCraft what you do is up to you, whether you roam the land pillaging all you see or use your industrial ability to dominate the economy. Either way, only you can decide what game you are going to play.