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Welcome! We're now opening up public testing for our new DayZ Minecraft server, completely free to join/play with no white lists! Currently we have many of the essentials of the DayZ arma II mod, but we have many more features coming soon.

What is DayZ?! It's an advanced survival mod for the game Arma II, where you must avoid zombies to survive, loot towns and cities for items that will be an essential to your survival. In the process you must fend off mobs and kill players in an intense battle of cat and mouse.

Intelligent zombies that you can crouch to evade.
Looting chests found in villages and our in the wild
Our own addition of Economy
Random Spawns
Nordic world generator
and more!

-Coming soon-
Zombie Sprint
Fall Stunning
Donor Ranks
Weapon Dealers
and more!