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This server is one of a kind, you cannot do all the basic faction stuff such as building/breaking blocks, But what we do have is Constant battles and plenty of Quests and ranks to get through!

If you are new we advise you of watching these:

server website:

Bored of the normal faction stuff?, such as building,griefing etc.... and just want some PVP fun? or maybe you want to do some quests?, Rivalkingdoms is the server for you!. The server is based on 2 teams, Red VS Blue, They both have 2 bases and one non pvp base, There is also one middle base which can be controlled by any team called Crossroads.You can capture bases by finding the 3 pressure plates located around each base.

You can buy houses but you are limited to certain things
for a 1 chest house you need $3000
For a 2 chest house you need $9000

Donation is a big part of rivalkingdoms as it keeps the server going strong! You can donate $5 for 1 months, $10 for 3 months or $30 for a year. You can also donate $5 for the rank "Raider" or $1 per 1000 in game cash!

When you donate you receive:$5 for 1 month goldmember, $10 for 3months, $1 per 1k in game money, $5 rank up to "raider"
Goldmember gets you:
-4 extra spawn kits
-extra sethome
-access to "GOLDSHOP" and it's improved pricing and item availability.
-Access to buying homes with much better options (max 16 chests compared to 2max regular member) within Castle City Kingdom!
-$200 in game coins bonus on sign up

This server encourages players to use spoutcraft, Can be found here at: and select spoutcraft.exe
This server also has a custom texture pack and faction skins which are both required to play on this server