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GamesBroPvP is a HARDCORE PvP server. We welcome players from all backgrounds, but be careful if you're used to rules against griefing.. Our only rule against griefing is not to do it in Safe/Warzone.

Our main plugins:


Commands you'll need to know when you join!

/f create [name] - Creates a faction for you under a desired name.
/f claim - Claims land for your faction, be careful not to claim too much though!
/mcstats - Lists your McMMO stats.
/mctop - Lists the top 10 McMMO players' stats.
/f help [#] and /mcc - List Factions/McMMO commands.

GamesBroPvP Staff List: [Starting from owner, ending at Moderator.]

Michael - Owner
Tiki - Co-Owner
N1teHawk - Co-Owner
Steven - Co-Owner
Dano - Admin
SFK - Mod
Warlord - Mod

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have op/admin/mod/creative? The answer is always going to be no if you don't apply for it on the forums, exept for creative, it's ALWAYS going to be a no.
Can you ban [someone] for me? If you want someone to be banned, you have to have proof that they did something wrong.