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Minecraft 1.2.5

- 24/7 Up Time
- Very Friendly Staff
- Towny
- Warps
- Mob Arena
- Mob Bounty
- Selling of goods
- Money
- World Portal!
-Hunger Games!
- Shop
-150 Slots!
- PvP
- Free roaming in wilderness
- Antigriefing plugin
- Website:
- Join us @

mcMMO takes core of Minecraft Games mechanics and expands them to add in a unique extensive RPG experience, with the goal of quality gaming for MCreepers. Loads of extensive and unqiue skills to train and level in, along with countless features!
Advanced Mob-Arena with custom spawning Mobs! Earn money from mob arena and from killing mobs!

Towny based System with nations and towns! Formation of towns for grief protection and for friendly competition!

We a small but growing gaming community brought together by love for minecraft and gaming as a whole. We offer you a chance to come meet the team personally and share in our love of games and good company.

Alongside minecraft we have an ever expanding repertoire of games our community supports and engages in daily.

NiflheimCraft is just one of many customized servers with cracked client support, that offers you a unique gaming experience through 50+ plugins fully customized for performance and player enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy your gaming experience with us and as always, happy minecrafting!