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KRPG is a highly customized RPG Minecraft server that boasts eight unique player classes, several worlds, a fun and welcoming community, helpful and attentive staff, an expansive rail system, monthly/bi-monthly build competitions, player-/ staff-made dungeons and more.

Our eight role playing classes are Knight, Vagabond, Ranger, Scholar, Conjuror, Sage, Infernus and Dragoon.

KRPG currently has three worlds – the survival role playing world, the Nether, and the creative world “Construct”. Explore the survival world and you will find many towns and even a few player-made and staff-made dungeons. Give the dungeons a try and see how you do. Venture into the Nether to obtain rare materials and battle dangerous mobs. For players who prefer to have all the materials they want to build whatever they want, we have the Construct world. In it, players can purchase lots and build without the need to gather materials.

Every month (or so) we hold build competitions in Construct, a theme is presented and players are given a lot in which to build according to that theme. Winners receive in-game money (Rupees) and skill points.

Come check us out and see for yourself! Our IP is

If you love the action of PvP and the intrigue of Factions then the Warlands is the place for you! You can find Warlands at

Our staff is always willing to answer any questions you might have and to help you get started on KRPG or Warlands. There’s a lot you can do here, we’re a very welcoming and active community, join the game, check out our forums, hop on mumble and join the fun.