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Welcome! Start like single player mode. We allow full PvP for both players and buildings, but admins in game can eventually moderate players by using jail, mute, kick, ban as they wish to... Mostly part of time, you are on your own to keep a exciting atmosphere.

We are currently running Minecraft BETA 1.5_02 with "canary" modding.

Its CURRENTLY STATE is now classified as OFFICIAL MAP as we are fully back on canary and AT LEAST with the following plugins:

- First Order (administrative plugin resources);
- Second Order (chest protection [LWC], border system [Stats, Achievements, BorderLands], portals [Stargate], currency and shop [iConomy and iCShop];
- Third Order (fun stuff [MagicTricks etc....

Of course, we still improving to keep your fun up and running.

Inadequate language and builds (harass, bulling, agressive, racist, sexual) are totally unacceptable. Please, visit http://www.ffamcs.net for more info...