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Custom plugins, Timed events Factions, Artifacts and much more!

LastManStanding | Fight until there is no one left!
Monster Boss | A monster Boss will spawn in the crypts! Quick kill it!
Fortune Game | Buy a fortune card and make a fortune!

Custom plugins:
Crystals | Crystals have magic powers, use them in battle or to raid!
EMT-Bay | An online marketing system to sell or buy goods.
GF-Shop | Buy special item store!

We have a dedicated staff team, and a special helper team. Always willing to help!

Epic Mine Time, the epic minecraft experience since 2011!



cernikred [09/07/13 at 10:54 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
EMT is an awesome server! Friendly staff are keen to help and advise you if ever the need comes up, It has some great plugins, great PVP areas, and, each of the different EMT servers (blue, green, RPG & skyblocks) are all fantastic, Blue in particular, as this is the 'main' server, if you will. Blue, has a cool spawn, great votifier rewards, factions, raiding, pvp etc. All in all 5/5 for EMT :D