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Welcome to Survival Island! Survival Island is a brand new minecraft server where you can find secrets, claim land, kill others, team up, and much much more! All on one island. This is no ordinary island.. Survival Island is full of secrets! Secrets such as bunkers, arenas, challenges, pyramids, and much much more. All scattered about the island. Either claim em' or raid em' whichever you pick. We also have a package program that allows you to buy 20 diamonds for $2.00! Survival Island also provides plugins such as factions, acid rain, and herobrine. To keep the game at it's best.




Bitkicker [07/19/13 at 2:33 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
In my opion this is a good server its not what everyone wanted it to be but if you likefactions then you will like this server just try it out go on you own or try to team up this server has all you could want!!This server has good owners but bbeware sometime people will betray and your base might get destoyed but the funs in building it better bigger fixing you mistakes and trying over and being at comanned of a faction or try to gain ground in a pre--made faction this server has everything
seamasMB123 [01/19/13 at 2:52 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This server is a terrible server. They may seem loving at first but when ever you do something independently they ruin it by killing you. when i first joined it seemed fun, they gave me stuff, helped me build my home, but when i moved on and made a faction they asked to join when i disconnected and came back the next day they completely ruined my home and destroyed everything. I was being nice and gave a newcomer some diamond equipment but they just came over and killed everyone. My overall opinion, worst server I've ever been on!
X_LovesPuddin_X [02/02/14 at 6:54 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
It's fun,when it's online that is. I've met tons of people, I'm in a faction, and it doesn't get old.