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What is Gatecraft?

We are a friendly community that strives for building the most epic creations block by block. With each level of proficiency our players accomplish they progress up the ranks which helps achieve greater builds and greater ranks. If you are a builder then this is the server where you want to be; where your greatest work will be rewarded and admired. Also, we have cookies.

Yeah, that's nice, more info plx?

Fine. We have multiple worlds on GC; Two are building worlds. These worlds play out as if you are in survival, but with an economy system. There are also plenty of minigames to play, all created by our staff (mostly TCGM and hporterv).

There is also the guest world, which is an expansion upon our earlier Guest Zone system, which put guests in a single area which was reset weekly. We have an entire world for that now!

There's a fourth world, as well. One we think you'll enjoy. This is the Space World. Yup. Space. Planets. Moons. Etc. Oh, and did we mention?

It has PVP and Factions.

So log on now! :D