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Ragin Cajun is mainly a social server where you can build anything you can imagine, make new friends; go on epic journeys, and kill hordes of monsters! With a complex economy, our server is not only one of the most user-friendly; it makes it so you are important. With admins checking up, and updating regularly, you can be sure that whatever you build stays the way you want it. No exceptions. Tired of getting griefed on other servers? Protect your possessions with our special protection stones! Need more wood to build your log cabin? Buy it from one of our shops? Have everything you need? Then open a shop! For the right price, you can do anything, sell anything, build anything. In Ragin Cajun: Its about you.

You can earn CreativeMode by building a house out of things you find.

Tl:DR, You can earn creative but you don't start with it.

Group-Manger, World-Edit, Economy, Core-protect, Permissions,Buy-Craft, Lockete, LWC,World-Guard, Jail, Essentials, Precious-Stones,Essential-spawn,Chest-shop,Essentials-Chat,Anti-Cheat