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Want to live in a city?
Bored of building randomly?

Join our server! You will have to buy a lot to build on, get a seller licence to open a shop and sell, get a job to earn money! Just like in real life. We have police, hospitals, city hall and much more. Special shopping and livingareas, also gardening areas made where you can make a garden.

- iConomy
- Realshop
- Bankaccounts (Open bankaccounts!)
- Anticreeper (No creepers!)
- Lockette (Lock Chests!)
- Autobackup (Backup EVERY 15 minutes!)
- Other admins mods like Essentials...

Our server runs on 1GB RAM, 25GB harddisk and a deticated server. Our world runs of a RAMdisk, which means it is stored on the RAM, meaning it loads 10X times faster!

Join us today at www.risgaming.com!

To get added to the buildinglist: www.risgaming.com/minecraft/whitelist