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Who we are:

Baptized by Fire is a Multi-Game clan founded in 2000. After over 12 years of playing games, we pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly gaming clan which does not recruit based on skill, but on personality and how well recruits get along with members.
Server Gameplay Style:

The Baptized by Fire server is an SMP survival server which discourages random PVP (organized PVP is great fun!). Using Towny, along with some other protection and economy mods, players are able to create protected safe zone towns where residents can build a home without the fear of mobs or griefing.

Exploration and building outside towns is strongly encouraged and members can also save up to start their own town as Mayor.

How to connect and restrictions:

Build Rights only available to cadets and members!
Hop on and check out the server first - mine.clanbbf.com
If you like what you see, Register at WWW.CLANBBF.COM
Fill out a Join Application and contact [BBF]Mr_DuCe to become a recruit
Install and connect to our Teamseak 3 Server