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VeteranCraft is a solid growing community of mature, friendly players. Our technical back-end is second to none. Looking for a stable server that is run by serious people, and that will be there tomorrow? Look no further. We have NO WHITELIST so stop in and check it out. If you like what you see, feel free to make a home here.

We Feature:

* Mature, respectful staff
* Helpful, friendly players
* A stable playing environment with sensible rules
* A freaking epic ocean/islands based world map
* A well managed website with forums and a wiki
* Portal ships!
* Donor perks!

Our Plugins:

* iConomy with LocalShops
* DynMap (a live map of the world and its players)
* LogBlock
* WorldBorder
* Residence (buy land and protect it yourself from griefers)

See our Live Map: