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Quarantine Media is a 24/7 Bukkit server that started over a year ago with very minimal hardware. Since then we have upgraded and refined our server. Now we are a 24/7 survival server that runs 5 worlds with more in the works.

The worlds:

HelloWorld - Being the geeks that we are we named our first world after the first computer program most people create. On HelloWorld members are free to build and free to explore. HelloWorld is a rapidly growing world that is always being extended.

Primus - Currently a work in progress Primus shows the story of the civilization that came before HelloWorld was created.

Mine - Mine is a world that is slowly and secretly losing its resources to residents of HelloWorld. The hidden mine goes down into the center of the earth and extends outward for miles supplying any miner with all the ore they could ever need.

Storage - As users start to collect vast amounts of resources they tend to run out of room. That is where Storage comes in. It is dedicated to the storing of unneeded items. If you find your self with too much stuff just take it over to Storage. If you are in need of something there is a good chance Storage has some extra.

HungerGames - Based on the books HungerGames is a PVP map that features arena where users can see how well they would do in the Isolation Games.

If you want more informantion about our server go to minecraft.quarantinemedia.com