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RevelationCraft, a community where there are mature staff, an organized hub server, where we are like a family. This server is a hub server that has the following worlds that will be described later on: RClassic, HCRaid, Havoc, KitPvP, Hunger Games/Survival Games, and the Creative world.

A faction world, where raiding, griefing, and scamming is allowed. Lockettes are enabled here and tnt is allowed. However, like many other servers, there are rules! To figure out the rules go to: OR /warp spawn to get to the RClassic's world. It is necessary to read the rules so that you know what and what not to do! Like TnT Cannons are not allowed or blowing up RP's [will be explained later...] are not permitted! Hacked Clients are a big no no along with many MANY other things! PvP is also enabled here in the Main World of RevelationCraft. You can try out /warp pvp and steal some loot. But be warned, as mentioned earlier, scamming is allowed. Meaning, that you can trick people into buying something from you whereas you end up stealing it or the other way around. Although it's impossible to list out the warps, the famous and recommended warps are, /warp wild, /warp spawn, /warp wild, /warp shop, /warp enchant, /warp mobarena, /warp staff, and definitely /warp help!!

The Staff here are respectful to all players and try not to perform favoritism. They are mature and helpful. They will do anything to earn your satisfaction and includes proof to every ban they do. They are not promoted through apps, we open those up rarely. Most of our staff earned it through doing what they do best, not being kiss-ups, , helping people out, respecting other players, helping the server out, being mature, and they try as much as they can to provide the entertainment you want! :)



Fuzzeh [02/13/13 at 5:22 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 3
This server is a scammign server,it grabs your ip and releases it to a various amount of DDoSers not to mention this server also gives out free ops just to friends and it is very unfair
It does illegal things which is why i would like for it to be removed from the list
Thank you.
I now have to change my ip