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Raid your enemies, collect materials, build your empire.

Our website: http://www.MinecraftFactions.blogspot.com
Join today and receive a starters kit.

We are also looking for staff, be polite and don't beg and you may get a shot at it!
Send me a private message on Youtube with mod apps (MinecraftFactions), please put them in the following form.

Have you ever been in the staff on another server?
if yes, what server?
How old are you?
Since what version have you been playing Minecraft?
How much will you be on each day?
Are you typically polite to people, no matter how unintelligent they are?
Do you use good grammar?
In-game name?

If you don't receive a message back from any of us, it means that:
1. We are receiving too many Staff apps.
2. We have temporarily stopped reviewing the apps
3. You were not accepted.

Don't let any of these reasons discourage you. You can always apply again later once you meet more of our guidelines and expectations.