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What is Craftyn Towny? We are an experience that only you can define, why don't you come define it today?!

Craftyn Towny is a server that has become more focused on the building of amazing towns and the amazing community than it has on pvping, even though there is always that too! In the words of some of our players and friends, the server is a place for people to come and make friends, socialize with friends, and have fun. The staff are a group of well picked individuals that have stood out from among the crowd as the best in a couple things, but mostly being friendly and being able to socialize easily.

First Joining
Whenever you first join you will arrive upon an island, we (like many others) like to call this the Tutorial Maze Island. On this island you will find that you can't escape from it, but have to go through it to get to the outside world. The way to get through the maze is by answering the questions presented to you correctly, some are very easy but others aren't so easy...if you haven't read the signs. They are all easy if you have read the signs, so I highly suggest you read the signs! Another thing you will notice upon joining is that you are talking Locally and not Globally to the whole world, to be able to talk globally so the whole server can hear you do /g what you want to say here but if you don't want to use /g every time you are able to do /ch g and change your default channel to global.



CoolBros24 [05/18/13 at 11:43 AM] [Reply]Rating: 3/5 | 3
Upon joining this server i noticed that there is a great deal of rules. Most of them make sense and actually make the game more interesting. I can see the server becoming of great potential. The only thing holding them back is the lack of teleporting commands such as /tpa. If this is fixed i could find myself and many others playing this server regularly. I've already noticed a few people leaving the game shortly after realizing that they cannot teleport to there friends. I hope to see this issue fixed and if it is i will write my second review.
supermariozelda [05/29/14 at 11:32 PM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 0
One of the worst servers I have ever been on... I'm not saying that because of the rules or the plugins, in fact, I think the plugins make the server unique. There is just two factors that ruin this server, the community and staff. My friend "Ender_Mist" went on, he read all the rules, passed the spawn quiz, and went to spawn. He saw how griefed the wilderness was and said "OMG"... The players started calling him rude names and saying "Caps are illegal". A staff was on and banned Ender_Mist with reason "Go back to school kid". Ender sent me screenshots of what happened and I went on. I got through the spawn quiz and said the server was stupid if they ban people like that... I left the server, when I tried to go back on later and it said "Banned: Your stoopid". So I got banned for expressing my opinion and Ender got banned for saying three letters in caps... Don't join!
Exclaimer [11/15/13 at 2:32 AM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Craftyn was a really great server for me for the first couple of months, but I can't recommend it to anyone but the most dedicated and successful Minecraft players, because of a couple of issues.

First, however, I'll say a few good things about it.

1. The community, for the most part, is amazing.

2. Only the best town makers make towns.

3. The rule are mostly thorough, with one exception, and a very large one.

This server has some of the biggest downfalls I've ever seen, that has left me with a great deal of disappointment.

1. There is a huge gap in the rules. Your wilderness chests have absolutely no protection, regardless of Lockette. You will not be refunded in any way if you are stolen from, which has made me quit the server entirely. With a current glitch, Lockette is pointless and the owners do nothing about stolen items.

2. The server is understaffed and the staff is rarely seen to moderate spammers and advertisers.