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Welcome to the CityCraft Hunger Games.

Our IP Address: hg.playCityCraft.com:25587

Main Server: playCityCraft.com:25587

How does it work?
During the first 9 minutes, players gather, pick their kits, make alliances, and plan tactics. Pick a kit with /kit (Kit). Next, all players are spawned randomly, and they have 1 minute of invincibility. During this time, you cannot die. After the time is over, the games begin and you try to kill everyone.

Do I get VIP if I win?
Yes! If you win, you get VIP for the next game.

What does VIP give?
VIP gives you access to all kits, and the ability to login to the server even when its full!

Can I buy VIP?
Yes! Buy VIP on our forums: ( http://forum.playcitycraft.com/ ), and you have it for the time you buy it for.

Enjoy the playCityCraft Hunger Games :)