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Ever feel on those 100+ player slot servers you don't get to know anyone? Then welcome to the paradox server. With only 24 player slots, you can get to know the other players.

Creative world with creative mode
Survival world
Weekly enderdragon spawns in the end

Soon to come:
PvP World

Bored of Vanilla minecraft? We have lots of plugins to make gameplay different, and more interesting. Here is some of them.

MCmmo - adds skills, and abilities that you can level up.
MobArena - Fight waves of mobs to earn rewards from Dirt, to Diamonds!
MultiVerse - Multiple worlds, including a creative world.
Multihome - Set and warp to homes. You earn more for each promotion.
Jobs - Make money by doing your normal actives such as mining, woodcutting, fishing.
IConomy - Entire Economy system in minecraft. Buy and sell items with other players.
Lottery - Buy a ticket, maybe you'll win the jackpot!
LWC - Lock your chests, so others can't steal your stuff.

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