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Ventrillo Info below!

Short - Description!

Aurora is a 24/7 private server with mostly vanilla content. That means there are no free items and the only gameplay mods are to help bring the game as close as possible to Notch's design. Want that diamond tool set?
You're going to have to earn it, miner. The server is only based around the idea of original gameplay, grief free, in a beautiful minecraft world. Our goal is to impose as few limitations on the experience as possible, while at the same time keeping everyone happy.

Founder: tekaC
Admins: gchristopher, arkansasdave, sylvanus
Mods: Keiji22, Kiwii, Shenaniganery, hittingray, sispackabs, defcomx

Don't forget! You'll need to apply on minecraft forum post!


IP: (or)

VENTRILLO IP! -port: 4528

Donations & Benefits

Donations towards the server will help immensely with keeping it up and running! All donations go str