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Server/Skyblock Information
This skyblock server is different than many others. You may have co-op islands with friends (up to 3) and you automatically get an autoprotected region in which you and your party members ONLY can build in. We have custom plugins and recipes, and we would LOVE to have you come enjoy yourself on the server. We also have a faction world, just type /tpv to get there.

1. Do NOT ask for items or staff.
2. No griefing, stealing, or raiding.
3. No mods/hacks.
4. Do not spam.
5. Do not disrespect staff or others.
6. Be logical in your decisions.
7. Have fun!

- To view donation benefits, type /donate in game.
- My paypal is, so if you send money while I am offline, you will receive your benefits within a day. (Usually sooner)

Skyblock Commands
- To start your island, type /newisland
a 100x100xVertical region will be created for you, in which other users may not build, destroy, open doors/chests, etc.
- If you screw up and need to start over, type /newisland replace
- To add a friend to your skyblock, type /party invite <IGN>
- To accept a party invite type /party accept
- To get to the survival world, type /tpv
- To get back to your skyblock, type /tphome.
- To view donation benefits, type /donate

- To view challenges, look on the page here: