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~Welcome To VenomCraft~

Welcome to Venomcraft where you will encounter Hardcore Factions, raiding and griefing. The server has very experienced admins and mods along with myself being around for a while on faction servers. There is much raiding on VenomCraft which makes it very fun but also very hard. Hey, well if you like servers where the donations are cheap and the players are ready to pvp and raid come check us out you will like what you see on VenomCraft.
This server is for the best and crafted by the best pvp leaders. From months of expiernece and owning servers we bring the best pvp/raiding in minecraft. There is no chest prot for the best raiding expierience. The Server is hosted which means that not only is it harder for others to DDOS we are 99.9% up. Otherwise we are doing something for the players. We have our own staff members that also stop hackers.

Plugins list:
Mob Arena(Not YET still testing)