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SpeedyCraft is a creative server where you build whatever you can think of. We really hate griefers so McBans is implemented. We want anyone with a love for building in Minecraft. I have been running this creative server for about 3 months now and I have decided to lift the white-list barrier, I have ranks set, when you join you are a spectator and when you sign up on speedycraft.weebly.com you can (in most cases) have build privledges. To gain build privledges you must sign-on to the server at least once before requesting build privledges on the website. I hope you all enjoy it!

Just to re-iterate (follow this to get build privileges):
1. Log on to SpeedyCraft at speedycraft.byte4byte.com
2. If you like it, request build privledges at http://speedycraft.weebly.com/sign-up.html
3. Enjoy the Creative Goodness