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Please check out our MineCraftForums Post at http://goo.gl/f0ABM for Full Details

Dedicated server 24/7
Our server is a friendly community oriented survival server. We have a strong focus on quality builds, socializing, and player interactions. We aim to heighten the players survival experience with a variety of plugins to slightly tune the vanilla atmosphere while retaining the spirit of the original game.

Mature Adult Player Community
We are looking for talented players to improve our community base. Whether its building highly detailed buildings, socializing, being a spectator, mining, creating complex redstone contraptions, combat, we target a wide audience. I however want to emphasize that we are a mature adult community. If you are younger this server may not be as fun for you. If you don’t think you would enjoy participating in an occasional political, current event or complex project related conversations then you may want to look somewhere else.

Grief Proof
Using plugins designed for the rollback of griefed areas as well as onsite / offsite backups of world data.

Admin Team
Our admin team are mature adults that have been playing together and administrating MineCraft servers since about October of 2010.

"Forever" Map
We don't throw out the map when MineCraft updates. Your creations are here to stay as long as the server is alive.

High Def Dynmap with 8 Rotatable directions
FULLY generated / rendered HD world to explore in DYNMAP. http://obsessioncraft.com:8123

Plugins Magic Carpet - iConomy - Lockette - SignShop - Residence - Dynmap - DeathControl - NoCheatPlus -Multiverse - HawkEye -SignShop -CraftBook + More

2x Intel Xeon W3520 | 24GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 | Located in a 24/7 Dedicated Server Datacenter