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This is a great PvE-Survival type server! Owner is Pennepasta(nickname: MrPastaMan) he is a great owner who is very respectful of others and won't ban unless that person has been warned more than once. This server has quite a few bukkit plugins like LWC, PhysicalShop, Anti-Grief and many others! Join the forum online now at the website www.eudoracraft.enjin.com! There are 18 slots with normal activity at around 4-6 people online at once. We are hoping to increase that to atleast 10! Once people start coming on and maybe donating, we will start increasing the slots more and more!



luckygamer101 [03/11/13 at 10:46 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
i have played on many minecraft servers before, looking for a server were all you have to do is leave spawn to build no factions or iconomy. and then i found eudoracraft. it was free build, no need to donate for staff.
and the owner, he is very patient and never gets a bad plugin. if a could i would rate this server 100000000.