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Welcome To The World Of KingdomCraft !

KingdomCraft Would Love to Have You Join our Amazing Community! Starting at the bottom, work your way up the ranks, create a town, forge a nation and defeat your enemies. Wether you want to focus on building a great looking town, or concentrate on your combat skills to defeat the strongest players, KingdomCraft is the place to do it!

Epic Custom Map

The landscape in KingdomCraft can be found nowhere else. The custom made map has an amazing diverse landscape, from mountains reminiscent of those in Skyrim, to the vast rain forests that take days to cross. Hand-Crafted over several days, the map takes the experience of Minecraft to the next level. With deep ravines, desert mountains, huge mountain ranges, by not using the usual method of map generation we were able to create a truly awesome map for you and your friends to play in.

You can Find an Overview of the KingdomCraft Map Here

Pro Plugins

To top off the Epic Custom Map there are some awesome plugins which power the server. Using Towny and iConomy, this combination allows for great gameplay, and with additional great features such as a fully functional Mob Arena, PvP Arena and Spleef Arena, you are sure to enjoy your time on KingdomCraft.

Start off as a basic villager with no items, and work your way up the mcMMO rankings, levelling your skills to defeat your biggest enemies.

Terrific Towns

Wether it be a town you have created of joined, the only limit to your town is your imagination. Expanding in size with the number of members in your town, create a powerful town where you can be safe from other players during WarTime.

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