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This is a huge project that is later going to become a server. It is ALL based on the Lord of the Rings Online map so if you have played that then you will be very familiar with your whereabouts. We are only now about 5% complete and finished the town of Archet and upto Combe but thats almost finished so really we are upto doing Bree and all this is being completed as you read this. This is only a project for now but it is being held on a small server for 20 people and this server is now a 24/7 Roleplay server but for now only for builders and chosen guests but once 80% complete we will put out an application form to join the server and play. Though the server will never always be 100% complete as things are always being updated with events and more content for you guys to play with so thats how dedicated we are to this.

Fun Fact: The Map has been built on a flat map world so everything we do we do it ourselfves including the mountains and all the scenic, terrain that you see.

The server will include Quests to keep you busy and this is a major part of the project. Players will be able to adventure off into Middle-Earth and find other players to meet or kill in PVP areas, follow a set Story-line and so much more! We are now a 24/7 server with more than 20+ slots at the moment but your donations towards will be able to make more slots available. Adventure off to Isenguard, Bree, The Shire and so much more! Right now we are on to making Bree and have just fully completed Archet and Combe and once finished Bree, be moving onto The Shire.

please visit this site and fill out the application and then email it to minecraftotr@gmail.com